30 years cooperation between Uhrig and Rausch

Between the companies Uhrig and Rausch there is now a 30-year cooperation. This is about the Quick-Lock stainless steel sleeves, which is manufactured by Uhrig and sold national and international by Rausch. The Management directors Thomas Uhrig and Stefan Rausch, as well as Quick-Lock International Sales Manager Mark André Haebler, look ack on the successful years. 


30 years of partnership between Uhrig and Rausch also means 30 years of Quick-Lock. In addition to the classic applications of the pipe repair method, the sleeve is also used to liner connection to pipes and structures. To mark the anniversary, Uhrig took the opportunity to take another look at one of the first installed Quick-Lock Sleeve. “That was in Tuttlingen. And we were totally excited”, says Thomas Uhrig, Management Director of the Uhrig-Group. “The sleeve looked like we had installed it yesterday. Ir was still shining and looked really great.”


Quick-Lock through the ages

The range of the Quick-Lock System has expanded significantly since 1993: in the beginning the sleeves were only available up to DN 400, today Quick-Lock can be used in pipes from DN 100 up to DN 3000. Otherwise, Quick-Lock has only changed minimally. The System is less complicated today. In the past it used to work with screw trucks that were needed for installation, which sometimes caused problems when they got under water. “That worked but it was much more complicated and expensive”, says Uhrig. “We struggled with that for a few years until we came up with the idea of covering the whole thing with the sepecial developed locking mechanism – that´s why it looks different today. The system is clamped with an installation packer. 


Even after 30 years Uhrig and Rausch are convinced of the quality of the sleeves. Mark André Haebler, head of international sales of Quick-Lock, concludes: “Longterm business has to agree on exactly these things: a good partnership, a high-quality product and, above all, the service concept that is included afterwards. I think these points are more convincing in the long term than a dumping price.”


Report BI Umweltbau, Mona Stärck

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