30 June 2023: 30 years later …

Thirty years ago, Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH installed its first Quick-Lock systems in Tuttlingen (Germany). The technician who installed the systems is still working with Uhrig today and remembers the precise location and the entire installation procedure very well.

Using an ingenious system of high-quality, specially developed materials, and with great confidence in the future, the damaged areas were addressed at the time by installing Quick-Lock systems.

On 30 June 2023, Thomas Uhrig took part in a survey and inspection.

Thirty years later, the Quick-Lock system, even featuring the first version of the locking system, was in top condition.

Ever since, the Quick-Lock system consisting of sleeve, locking mechanism, and seal has been advanced continuously, not least thanks to our customers who contributed to these developments and shared their experiences with us.

We are proud of our legacy and that we set a benchmark in sewer pipeline repairs over 30 years ago that defined the industry and still receive recognition the world over to this day.

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