Separable sleeve for rehabilitating man-entry pipeline systems

The Quick-Lock BIG was developed as a separable sleeve for the rehabilitation of man-entry pipeline systems.

Application: Quick-Lock BIG was designed  for point repair in man-entry pipeline systems. Typical types of damage include leaking pipe joints and radial cracking.

When used together with an overlapping seal, damaged sections that are longer than the sleeve can also be rehabilitated.

Nominal size range DN 800 / 32” and above.

Quick-Lock Big

System description

The Quick-Lock BIG consists of two-, three-, or four-part segments (shells), depending on the nominal size; one seal; and one set of screws.

How it works

  • The Quick-Lock BIG uses the principle of compression and is made from the materials 316L and EPDM.
  • The separable sleeve is inserted into the pipeline system through the man-entry opening.
  • The Quick-Lock BIG clamping tool is used to spread it out at the site of the damage.

What you need

  • The only thing needed to install the Quick-Lock BIG is the clamping tool set. This is also available for lease.

System advantages

  • simple installation procedure
  • durable materials 316L stainless steel and EPDM
  • articulated supports
  • no need for chemicals
  • low investment in system equipment
  • Materials are permanently resistant to municipal wastewater



The materials used here, 316L stainless steel and EPDM seal, have been proven for decades in the field of pipeline construction. The stainless steel grade 316L lasts virtually forever in municipal wastewater.

The EPDM seal is a state-of-the-art pipe engineering product with long service life and very high wear resistance.

Product range


The Quick-Lock BIG is available in three configurations:

  • Variant 1: Length 229mm, diameter DN 800–1300 / 32”–52”, internal pressure 1 bar / 14.50 psi, external pressure 0,3 bar / 43.51 psi (two-part)
  • Variant 2: Length 229mm, diameter DN 1400–2100 / 56”–84”, internal pressure 1 bar / 14.50 psi, external pressure 0,3 bar / 43.51 psi (three-part)
  • Variant 3: Length 229mm, diameter DN 2200–2400 / 88”–95”, internal pressure 1 bar / 14.50 psi, external pressure 0,3 bar / 43.51 psi (four-part)

an EPDM seal

Screw set:

Locking screws, T-nuts, and sheath:

The length and quantity of the locking screws depends on the sheet metal thickness and nominal diameter. In order to use the system properly, it is imperative to meet the following specifications and to use the original screw sets.

The two different screw lengths are provided in red and blue bags to better tell them apart.

The sheath replaces and supplements the function of a washer.

Number of screws, T-nuts, and sheaths:

DN   800 – DN 1300 / 32” – 52”, 2-part: pieces each

DN 1400 – DN 2100 / 56” – 84”, 3-part: 6 pieces each

DN 2200 – DN 3000 / 88” – 120”, 4-part:  8 pieces each

Screw length:

DN 800 – DN 1200 / 32” – 48“, length 16mm, bag: red

DN 1300-DN 3000 / 52”–120”, length 18mm, bag: blue

Quality and certifications

The rehabilitation of wastewater lines and pipework using  internal sleeves is regulated in Leaflet 143-5.

DIBt European Technical Approval pending.

The leakproofness of the Quick-Lock BIG system under external pressure has been proven in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Münster. The practical testing and strength verification demonstrated that Quick-Lock BIG can be used for external pressures up to 0.5 bar / 7.25 psi with double the structural reliability.

All information (data sheets, instructions, and approvals) for the complete Quick-Lock system from UHRIG and all order forms can be found at: Downloads

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