Vertical or horizontal installation?

The Quick-Lock system has proven itself over the course of many years in the rehabilitation of potablewater and service water wells. The Quick-Lock sleeve can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Application:Quick-Lock can be used to repair all kinds of damage in well pipes, regardless of the pipe material.

  • Leaking pipe joints
  • Exfiltration points and defects in filter pipeline
  • Closing off entire filter zones
Quick-Lock Brunnen

System description

Installing a Quick-Lock sleeve in a vertical well pipe hardly differs from a horizontal pipe system.

For well rehabilitation, the installation pressure must be adjusted to the local water depth (10m water column equals 1 bar / 14.50 psi increase in installation pressure).

For well rehabilitation, we will provide you with special installation equipment and materials approved for use with potable water.

How it works

  • The Quick-Lock installation packer for well rehabilitation is specially designed for use in vertical applications.
  • Outrigger legs hold the sleeve on the packer and center the installation packer in the well pipe.

What you need

  • a well camera
  • a tripod with winch
  • the Quick-Lock well packer
  • Ballast to counter buoyancy
  • Compressor
  • Quick-Lock installation packer

System advantages

  • simple installation procedure
  • durable materials
  • articulated supports
  • no need for chemicals
  • long service life
  • DIBt European Technical Approval
  • official structural certificate (Typenstatik) for Class II pipes
  • low investment



We use 316L stainless steel, which can safely be used in potable water applications. The seal that we provide is a special potable water seal that meets the requirements of the KTW recommendation of the German Federal Health Office for plastics in potable water applications.

Product range

Quick-Lock BRUNNEN is available in two configurations:

  • Variant 1: Length 400mm, diameter DN 150–400 / 6”–16”, internal pressure 10 bar / 145.04 psi, external pressure 1.5 bar / 21.76 psi
  • Variant 2: Length 500mm, diameter DN 450–800 / 18”–32”, internal pressure 10 bar / 145.04 psi, external pressure 1.5 bar / 21.76 psi

in conjunction with the Quick-Lock well packer.

Quality and certifications

The standard of quality is the same as that of the classic Quick-Lock sleeve.

Only the seal is adapted to comply with the quality requirements of the German Federal Health Office (KTW recommendation).

All information (data sheets, instructions, and approvals) on the complete Quick-Lock system from UHRIG and all order forms can be found at: Downloads

If you want to know more about our products, we’d be happy to answer your questions anytime.

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