#QUICK-LOCK – the original!

Customers have been using the patented and specially developed Quick-Lock system for trenchless internal pipe rehabilation to great success for more than 30 years. Alongside classic pipe repairs in sewage systems, the Quick-Lock system is also used for connection of liner systems, rehabilitate man-entry pipes, and repair wells. 

The system minimizes time and cost expenditure starting from the planning stage through to realization, and makes a lasting contribution towards greater environmental awareness. 

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The main benefits at a glance

The original with internal locking mechanism

  • Direct contact force
  • Protection for sleeve and seal
  • Specially developed locking mechanism to withstand highest stress, even in high-pressure applications
  • No drainage obstacle

Proven service life of over 30 years

  • Check yourself the condition of our sleeve and seal which was installed more than 30 years ago

Quality and expertise

  • Specially developed/used materials for long service life and high stress – above and beyond the required quality
  • Special Quick-Lock competence center for customer trainings
  • In-depth knowhow in all parts of the industry
  • wide range of different approvals

Environment and sustainability

  • No use of substances that are harmful to human health or the environment
  • CO2-neutral production thanks to fully regenerative energy sources


  • Worldwide distribution networks
  • Permanent availability, all nominal diameter in large quantities
  • Service staff for on-site consultations

Cost efficiency

  • Quick and easy installation saves time and money – even in the planning stage
  • Longer amortization period thanks to the long service life
  • No recurring costs thanks to durability

UHRIG Quick-Lock system

In the course of many years, the Quick-Lock system has proven to be an optimal solution for pipe repairs in closed sewage systems.

The long-term satisfaction of our customers and Quick-Lock users the world over guarantees that you too will be happy with the top quality of pipe rehabilitation with Quick-Lock.

Quick-Lock LEM


Quick-Lock is more than just a solution for repairing trenchless sewage systems.

The abbreviation LEM stands for Linerendmanschette (liner end sleeve). This component in UHRIG’s Quick-Lock system is used to attach liners to pipes and structures.

Quick-Lock FLEX

Easily bridge positional deviations between pipelines

The new Quick-Lock FLEX sleeve can be used when there are positional deviations between pipelines.

Quick-Lock BIG

Separable sleeve for rehabilitating man-entry pipeline systems

The Quick-Lock system is also available as a separable XXL sleeve for use in large pipeline systems.

Quick-Lock BRUNNEN

Vertical or horizontal installation? Makes no difference with Quick-Lock Well!

The Quick-Lock system has proven itself over the course of many years in the rehabilitation of drinking water and service water wells. The Quick-Lock sleeve can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Quick-Lock MINI

System for connecting branch liners

The new Quick-Lock Mini for repairing damage in DN 100 / 4” and DN 125 / 5” size pipes. The Quick-Lock Mini seals the damaged area by purely mechanical means. 

Based on the compression principle and the proven materials 316L stainless steel and EPDM. The installation packer specially designed for the Quick-Lock Mini has an adjustable chassis.


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Our Quick-Lock system is not only used in Germany.


We have a number of partners in the U.S. who trust in our proven system.


In addition to Europe & the U.S., Quick-Lock is also used in Australia. 

Latin America

We also have certified partners in Latin America.

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