Bridging positional deviations

The  Quick-Lock FLEX can be used for positional deviations between pipe joints.

Quick-Lock FLEX has been designed for the following applications:

  • radial offsets up to 2.5cm
  • and/or axial angle deviations of up to 10° with no additional prep work needed
Quick-Lock Flex

System description

The Quick-Lock FLEX has been designed for use with radial
offsets up to 2.5cm and/or angular deviations of up to 10° .

With the Quick-Lock FLEX, you can typically address and rehabilitate joint displacements or angular deviations from the pipe axis without any prep work needed.

The FLEX sleeve is shipped with the seal already pre-assembled. 

How it works

  • The Quick-Lock FLEX works the same way as the proven Quick-Lock system.
  • Based on the principle of compression and the materials 316L and EPDM.

What you need

  • Camera or robotic system
  • Compressor
  • Quick-Lock installation packer

System advantages

  • purely mechanical clamping
  • user-friendly
  • durable materials
  • no need for chemicals
  • long service life



The materials 316L stainless steel and EPDM seal have proven themselves for decades in the field of pipeline construction. The stainless steel grade 316L lasts virtually forever in municipal wastewater.

The EPDM seal is a state-of-the-art pipe engineering product with very long service life and extremely high wear resistance.

Product range

Quick-Lock FLEX is available in two configurations:

  • Variant 1: Length 360mm, diameter DN 200–450 / 8”–17”, internal pressure 1 bar / 14.503 psi, external pressure 1 bar / 14.503 psi
  • Variant 2: Length 460mm, diameter DN 500–800 / 20”–24”, internal pressure 1 bar / 14.503 psi, external pressure 1 bar / 14.503 psi

Intermediate nominal sizes are available on request.

Quality and certifications

DIBt European Technical Approval pending.

For potable water applications, we offer a KTW-approved potable water seal.

All information (data sheets, instructions, and approvals) for the entire Quick-Lock system from UHRIG and all order forms can be found at: Downloads

If you want to know more about our products, we’d be happy to answer your questions anytime.

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