Benefit from technology

  • Direct contact force and protection for sleeve and seals through inner-mounted lock and specially developed sealing nubs.
  • The sleeve can quickly be opened at any time by removing the inner-mounted locks.
  • No negative impact on the sewer line hydraulics thanks to inner-mounted locks
  • Positively-fitting connection to the pipe wall
  • Permanently elastic and leakproof. It self-tensions in pressurized pipelines thanks to its internal pressure.
  • Stability of the internal pressure up to 50 bar / 725.19 psi depending on the diameter.
  • Stability of the external pressure up to 3 bar / 43.51 psi depending on the diameter (DIN standard 0.5 bar / 7.25 psi).
  • Depending on nominal size, external pressure up to 3x the amount required according to DIN EN 1610 (0.5 bar / 7.25 psi).
  • Sleeve makes pipe more statically stable
  • Highly stable locking mechanism, even when under high and permanent strain – return flow is not possible.
  • Retightening can be performed at any time.
  • Optimized and permanent stability thanks to distribution of forces onto two gear racks
  • Outstanding sealing quality for great loads and special areas of application
  • Self-resetting pimple geometry for improved sealing performance
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